This will allow ECU/electrical and electronic to work more efficiently with greater precision. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficiently.”

Do insist on Qmax  Electro Guardian , Why?  

Before Qmax Electro Guardian is introduce to the market, countless hours of Research and Developement has been done. This is the key factors on producing high quality Voltage stabiliser.

Qmax Electro Guardian is entirely made only with high quality parts. One of the most significant different is, the cable is using copper with over 99.9% purity, coated with Stannum. Inner layer of cable shield contains Nano compound. With this, it enable the current to flow smoothly, extremely good electric conductivity. Currently no other voltage stabilizer is using it.

The electronics components used can still works effectively in hot, 105ºC ambient, for over 10,000 hours continuously. Different capacitors used are for reduce all high pass, band pass and low pass distortion.

In order to have a v.s. that is truely effective, reliable and works year after year, it is crucial to have each and every parts assembled with quality materials that all has went through stringent tests. Qmax Electro Guardian is the only one in today’s market, that has met such requirements.

Benefits / Effects (Qmax Electro Guardian – Voltage Management System)

• Improved gas mileage – “up to 21% better fuel economy”

• Reduced emissions – “up to 80% reduction of HC”

• Improved engine’s efficiency

• Double protection from short circuit

• Double layered circuit board

• Prolong electrical and electronic parts life

• Increase electrical/electronic equipment’ efficiency

• Extend battery lifespan.

• Patented in numerous countries around the world

• Longest warranty available, 1+4 years

• SIRIM QAS International certified.

• Simple installation. No modification required, just add-on or plug and play.

SIRIM QAS International Report [ Improve Horsepower ]


Multi National Patented For Its Superiority

LED Indicated Light

It is possible to check the condition of the alternator charging system and battery life span by checking the LED light on the voltage stabilizer. Refer to the image for understanding how it work. Accuracy +/- 0.2v

Voltage Below 12.3V automatic CUT OFF System [0 AMP]
Voltage Between 12.3-12.7V STANDARD Mode [0.01AMP]
Voltage Above 12.8V RUNNING Mode [0.01 AMP]

What is difference between Qmax Electro Guardian compare to others? 

Qmax Electro Guardian


  1. Multiple types of condensers of reduce distortion of High Pass, Band Pass & Low Pass
  2. Work continuously at high temperature of 105c for over 10,000 hours 
  3. Provide excellent regulation to unstable voltage 
  4. Longer lasting technology condenser
  5. Dual layer circuit board
  1. Use Microprocessor & electronic controller match to ECU
  2. Improve the signal & ECU working more efficiency
  1. One piece design 24K gold plated copper for superior conductivity 
  2. Double layer insulation heat resistance, stannum plated copper & oxidizer cable

Ordinary [ Brand X ] 


  1. Lower quality condensers [large capacitor condenser]
  2. Works only in lower temperture & using one type of condenser
  3. Not a voltage stabilizer & reduces distortion of either high pass or low pass
  4. Short condenser life
  5. Single/without layer circiut board
  1. Without any IC chip or microprocessor
  2. Direct output, it may not match to ECU 
  1. Ordinary connector, poor connectivity
  2. Copper wire, easy to oxidize, high resistance, reduce current flow.