QMAX NEW SP Grade Engine Oil

QMAX continues to provide optimal engine protection and performance to its customers with the introduction of a new engine oil to its line‑up – the SP Grade, offering greater engine protection for car owners. 

Engine oil transfers heat away from lubricated engine components such as bearings, pistons, rings, valve stems and cylinder bores during operation. As the oil travels around the motor, more and more heat is absorbed and transferred. 

QMAX is a 100% fully Synthetic oil & fully imported from Taiwan. If you’re someone who likes to pamper their car, QMAX has introduced a newer grade of engine oil. The new SP Grade engine oil will offer greater engine protection for car owners. SP Grade engine oils will replace all existing SN Grade engine oils.

[ The new ILSAC GF-6 and API SP specifications for passenger car motor oil will launch on May 1, 2020, directly affecting both installers and consumers. These new, higher performance oil categories have been developed in response to several driving forces. The most important factors include need to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the increasing demands of modern engine technologies.]

Suitable to be used for most petrol and turbocharged engines, the SP Grade engine oil. The SP Grade engine oil also comes with a timing chain wear protection to minimise timing chain elongation.  In addition to improved high temperature deposit protection for pistons and turbochargers, it provides better sludge and varnish control, valve train and intake lifter wear protection, higher oxidation stability as well as emission control system protection.

To top it off, using lower‑viscosity oils such as SP 0W‑20 Fully‑Synthetic allows the engine to maximise efficiency while delivering high‑level protection for key engine components. 

QMAX Engine Oil SGS Certification

SGS Certification : 01805443/AMOT dated 30/11/2021

[Qmax SP 0W20 100% Fully Synthetic Oil]

SGS Certification : 01805442/AMOT dated 30/11/2021

[Qmax SP 5W40 100% Fully Synthetic Oil]

SGS Certification : 01805440/AMOT dated 30/11/2021

[Qmax SP 5W30 100% Fully Synthetic Oil]