Due to the success of Qmax products, unavoidably there are imitations floating in the market. The management found out that there are  companies in the market imitating  Qmax Grounding Cable & Qmax Eletro Guardian [Voltage Stabilizer], namely, HKx, Traxx , SPx  etc. These imitators besides using similar name or logo, had even copied our designs and colour.

Some of these unscrupulous merchants even copied Qmax product images from our website and pasted these images onto their own advertisement and webpage. Some have told their customers that their bad quality imitations are manufactured by Qmax , mainly to deceive and thus gain the confidence of their customers. After all, their intention is to maximize profit from their bad quality and high risk products.

As such, we would like to inform the public that Qmax has never OEM for these companies in the country. As an established company in chassis strengthening, Qmax would not compromise safety in return for better profit, and as such consumers can rest assured that our products are of the highest of quality and will bring out the full performance, quality and reliability that you have paid for.

Cyclone Malaysia Trade Mark Registration No: 2014009293 – Warning Inspiration

TAKE NOTICE  that we, V-Class Motorsport (M) Sdn Bhd (“the company”) is the holder of trade mark “CYCLONE 3/5/7” which has been register in Malaysia under Registration No : 2014009293

TAKE FURTHER NOTICE  if any person organization or company use the trade mark in the sale of “Cyclone 3/5/7” without company express permission, approval or consent then the company shall not hesitate to enforce the company’s rights provided under trade mark act 1976 and trademarks regulations 1997 to file viable claims in respect of infringement of intellectual property rights against any person, organization or company which may include injunction to be granted by the court as well as confiscating and / or destructing the counterfeit “ Cyclone 3/5/7” and to claim exemplary damages for loss of profit and reputation.