Vehicles that run using fuel does so by burning the fuel inside COMBUSTION chamber.

COMBUSTION is a process of burning that requires AIR & FUEL. During the burning process, it produces ENERGY.  Electricity is used ignite the pre-mixed AIR & FUEL.

Poor CombustionOccurs when the proportion of Air/Fuel is incorrect. Poor combustion is the major cause of sluggish power, pollution by heavy smoke emission, poor fuel economy, and increase maintenance cost.

Good Combustion – Cleaner emission minimizes deposit formation. Hence less wear and tear, reduced in vibration, noise, and cleaner emission. Better fuel economy, more horsepower, torque, engine smoothness, gear changes smoothness and prolong engine lifespan.


With the market flooded with performance enhancement products, it is clear that management systems for the air, fuel and ignition system are highly recommended, not only increases vehicle performance but to optimize it and Qmax Management System is the answer to your vehicle’s hesitating performance.

“ (Air Management System, Fuel Management System and Voltage Management System) are inefficient which is inevitable, especially occurred in older cars, the outcome could be severely costly in terms of maintenance of the car. This results in reduced throttle response, reduced power, mileage and smoothness, also increases noise, vibration, emission & black smoke.”


Qmax Nano Air

[Air Management System ]

Qmax Nano Air is capable to enhance braking system’s effectiveness, it works on the brake system with ‘Intake Manifold Vacuum Hose’ attached to master pumpREAD MORE


[Air Management System ]

CYCLONE’s airflow dynamic is designed to improve your vehicle’s air intake system in two ways. First, by creating a more efficient airflow path throughout the intake hose, air reaches your engine with greater momentumREAD MORE


Qmax Nano Energy Saver

[Fuel Management System ]

Qmax Nano Energy Saver going thought the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. Thus, it can improve combustion efficiency after fuel molecules entering into the engine and further enhances the vehicles horsepower and fuel efficiencyREAD MORE


Qmax Eletro Guardian [Voltage Stabilizer] 

[Voltage Management System]

Qmax Eletro Guardian [Voltage Stabilizer] is to minimize voltage fluctuation /reduce distortion and etc. This will allow ECU/electrical and electronic to work more efficiently with greater precision. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficientlyREAD MORE

Qmax Nano-Tech Grounding

[Voltage Management System]

Qmax Grounding & alternator Charging Power Booster Cable are widely used in most Race Cars.* Extremely Low Resistance/Impedance and Double Layer Insulation, Stannum Plated on 99.8% Pure Copper Wire to prevent oxidationREAD MORE