Qmax Nano Energy Saver going thought the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. Thus, it can improve combustion efficiency after fuel molecules entering into the engine and further enhances the vehicles horsepower and fuel efficiency.

Qmax Nano Energy Saver [Qmax Nano Fuel] is the FIRST device with its infrared ray at 12 x 10 /Second that penetrate metal/rubber/fiber braces and break oil molecule thin disintegrate, bring forth low frequency resonate, resonate behind can bring forth anion, increase oxygen content, promotion fog melts effect. Thus the fuel can fully mix with air while entering into the engine cylinder, giving an enhancing performance of combustion, engine runs smooth, increase engine longevity. It is good for the environments because is can decrease the vehicle’s carbon monoxide 18% or more. It is a device of new invention using latest nanotechnology.

Qmax Nano Energy Saver [Qmax Nano Fuel] is highly compatible with various types of vehicles and even on buses and commercial vehicles. Its versatility also stretches to engine running on gas (LGP, CNG, NGV) and biofuel. This device can also improve the carburetors and fuel injectors by making it to work more effectively for more complete combustion. It also helps improve on low temperature working conditions while keeping the combustion chambers clean and fewer carbon deposits.

Why using Qmax Nano Energy Saver in my car?

  1. Improve carburetor/ fuel injectors function, better atomization, virtually complete combustion.
  2. Improve low temperature working condition, keep combustion chambers clean, lesser carbon allowing longer engine oil self life, extend engine life, best performance condition.
  3. Fewer carbon deposit, resulting better engine efficiency, cleaner emission and increased mileage per tankful fuel.
  4. Easy to install, protects engine, extend automobile life, save fuel, improve horsepower/ torque and reduce maintenance cost.  

Advantages (Qmax Nano Energy Saver  – Fuel Management System)

  • Improved carburetor & injector function [improve atomization of fuel]
  •  Improve low temperature working condition [reduces carbon]
  • Improve Horsepower 
  • Improved engine’s efficiency
  • Extend engine  lifespan.
  • Longest warranty available, 5 years [250,000km]
  • SIRIM QAS International certified.
  • Simple installation. No modification required, just add-on or plug and play.
Qmax Tested & Proven By SIRIM QAS International

What is difference between Qmax Nano Energy Saver compare to others? 

Qmax Nano Energy Saver

E WARRANTY – 5 YEARS / 250,000km

Nano technology – far infra red device

Rubber material – will not interference with electronic or electrical system

Break fuel molecules into smaller

Almost complete combustion, more power, fuel saving and reduce carbon deposit

Works at high temperature (up to 105 °C)



Magnet base [magnetic fields device

Interference with electronic or electrical circuit [distortion – magnetic fields]

Arrange fuel molecules orderly  (fuel molecules size remain same)

Poor combustion, ordinary power, same fuel consumption  and carbon deposit remains

Works at average temperature only (about 60 °C)