Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable Installation

  1. Determine the cables path [ determine cable path according to safer]
  2. Remove Negative (-) cable clamp. [ before installing Qmax cables, it is necessary to disconnect car battery ]
  3. Install Qmax Positive (+) cable [ install one end of Qmax Positive cable (DO NOT BEND) together with original positive cable to alternator’s battery (+) terminal. Fasten the screw firmly. Then the other end of battery’s (+) Positive cable clamp.
  4. Install Qmax Negative (-) cables [ install a negative cable to a point at engine block. Another cable clamp to gear box. The last cable is to chassis/body, make sure those points are conductive (ensure all the nut/bolt are tightened.)
  5. Connect back negative (-) cable clamp [ all Qmax negative cable is to be connected at battery’s terminal. Use L Shape [if included].
  6. Fasten all the Qmax Cables by using cable ties [ fasten the cables accordingly to minimize any movement. Make sure the cables have sufficient clearance with any moving or hot engine part.


  1. Installation sequence : Always have positive cable installed first, followed by negative cables.
  2. During installation, make sure battery negative terminal has been disconnected.
  3. Always make sure none of any cable is touching or placed very close to any moving, hot part [exhaust manifold, radiator hose]
  4. Do not connect one end of positive (=) and end at any negative (-) point. Improper installation can cause short circuit.
  5. Severe damage to electrical / electronic devices or fire in extreme case.
  6. If any abnormal sign occurred after installation, remove the cable immediately. 

Examples of Various Electrical Current Sensors

Some car models comes with “electrical current sensor” connected at the negative terminal on the battery in a place that may not be visible. For details check with your dealer or if unsure connect the earth to the same place on the body. The installation position and the shape of the electrical current sensor may be different before and after minor model changes; please consult your car dealer for details.

Notice: Make sure the cable connected is not bended when install to alternator (+) positive & battery.

Toyota Harrier [ Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable 3-1+]
SUBARU XV [Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable 3-1+]
Toyota Estima [ Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable 3-1+}