Simple installation of Qmax Nano Air on air filter for any vehicle

Remove air filter from engine and flip it to air intake side.

Put clips on the edge of Qmax Nano Air.

Open the clip slightly,  plug in to air filter.

Lastly, repeat step 1-3 on other Qmax Nano Air pieces make sure all are clip on firmly.

Note: The number of Qmax Nano Air required is depending on the displacement of engine,or form of an air filter. The allowable area covered by Qmax Nano Air is up to 40%.

Installation Steps ~ Qmax Nano Air

1. Open the air filter cover, take out the air filter element.
2. Put on Qmax Nano Air close to air filter element lid, secure with R-shaped clips (provided).
3. Then, put back the air filter element,closed the cover
4. Starts engine, step on the accelerator pedal to 3,000-3,500 RPM (for Petrol engine)hold for 1 minutes.
5. Then hit the brake for 5 secs and release for 5 secs. Repeat the same steps for 5 times.
6. This action will help to increase the braking power and remove excessive carbon in engine, thus giving better performance.

* Engine Reaction : Less Noise, Brake Reaction : More Sensitive Brakes, Gas Peddle Reaction : Increase Speed Faster, Deposed Gas Reaction : Smell Better.