1 Introductions Qmax Dealers (Selangor Fancy Audio)

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  Selangor : (Area ~  SEKSYEN 9, SHAH ALAM)

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FANCY AUDIO & AUTO ACCESSORIES (001239864-V) is the one-stop car mart in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Get your car parts and accessories like tyres, oil, batteries, audio, and car grooming products, plus, a wide range of maintenance and other installation services at Shah Alam, Selangor.

FANCY AUDIO & AUTO ACCESSORIES is Participating dealer for 7Days money-back guarantee ~ Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver (Car Brake System).

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Telephone No. : 03-5880 1880 / 012-327 7733
Website : http:/fancyaudio.com.my

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Hypertune Mag Vol 125

V-Class Motorsport is one of the renowned after market parts manufacturers in the country. They produce products that not only serve to lower fuel consumption but increase power at the same time, giving the customer more returns on his investment. Their QMax range of products are well-known in the after market industry here and have garnered positive reviews from users in the auto show, car club and even motorsport arena.

Recently, the company held an award luncheon to pay gratitude to the people involved in its continuous success, dealers and business partners alike. Held last year on 13 December at the Maju Palace in Kuala Lumpur, V-Class Motorsport gave away awards to recognize the effort of its dealers and partners. There was also a little beauty
pageant organized that saw 12 beautiful contestants vie for the win in the V-Class Model Search.

Among the awards that night were dealers, Syarikat Loong Fatt Motor Service and Fancy Audio & Auto Accessories. Syarikat Loong Fatt Motor Service is an automotive workshop that specializes in maintenance and repair, as well as retails accessories such as QMax products. They’re located at T11, Senawang Light Industrial Estate, 4 1 I2 miles Jalan Tampin, 70450 Seremban and can be contacted at 06-677 8507.

Fancy Audio & Auto Accessories on the other hand is a accessory shop that specializes in ICE and a variety of other accessories that would find their way into your car. They’re located at No.1 Jalan Tengku Zabedah F9/F, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor and can be contacted at 03-5880 1880 if you’re looking for some V-Class Motorsport stuff.

Alternatively, you can Look up the V-Class Motorsport site for more info at www vclassmotorsport com or give them a call at 03-6258 3608-if you’re not the tech savvy kind.


Qmax Devices ~ Installed At FANCY AUDIO & AUTO ACCESSORIES


Qmax Nano Fuel, Qmax Nano Air and Qmax Grounding Cable installed at Honda CRV 2005/2009 (Fancy Audio, Shah Alam,Malaysia)

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Qmax Nano Fuel and Qmax Grounding Cable installed at Honda Civic 1.7 2005 (Fancy Audio, Shah Alam,Malaysia)

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Qmax Nano Fuel and Qmax Grounding Cable installed at Honda Civic 2010 (Fancy Audio, Shah Alam,Malaysia)

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Qmax Nano Fuel, Qmax Nano Air and Qmax Grounding Cable installed at Honda Civic 2013 (Fancy Audio, Shah Alam,Malaysia)

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Qmax Nano Fuel and Qmax Grounding Cable installed at Honda Accord ,VR4 1999 (Fancy Audio, Shah Alam,Malaysia)

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