Installation Guide (Qmax Devices)

Installation Guide ~ Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer

Installation Guide ~ Qmax Grounding Cable

The complaint, returning and warranty.

In the event of damage during use or any failure occurred, please disconnect the cable immediately.Kindly contact Vclass motorsport Sdn Bhd. Repair or replacement cost will not be covered should the fault is due to improper installation, without following all the instructions closely and/or the problem is affected by any other part of the car.If the problem is occurred on our products, we will only cover our product by either repair or replace according to the Warranty.Any modification done on our product will automatically void the warranty

Installation Guide ~ Qmax Nano Fuel

Others Application Qmax Nano Fuel (Can also be clamp on)

– Brake hose (increase braking system, prolong brake fluid and components life)

– Air-cond hose (improve cooling efficiency, extend gas/oil life, reduce engine load, lesser noise & vibration)

– Water Radiator hose (reduce water temperature)

– Auto-gear Transmission hose(smoother gear shifting, extend ATF life)

– Audio amplifier power / RCA cable (improved sound quality)

– Spark Plug Coil wire(Greater engine responsiveness)

– Battery Terminal(Reduce distortion or current noise,better response,improve sound quality as well

Installation Guide ~ Qmax Nano Air