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Qmax Fuel Saver Devices Tested & Proven By Media (Car Magazines)

The test has been carried out under controlled environment. Cars undergo for test were installed with Qmax & then without Qmax. The results are then compared and proven that Qmax product can significantly improve fuel economy. On the other hand, when performance is needed, Qmax product can also giving better, smoother acceleration, more horsepower/torque than before. Tested By Media (car magazines)…more detials

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Qmax Product Review at Media (Car Magazines) 

“A scientific and technical revolution has just begun upon the ability to systematically organize and manipulate matter at Nano scale. Qmax is the fifth generation Nanotechnology in which it is able to function optimally at cold temperatures just as well. With such properties the application for Qmax Nanotechnology is huge, and unlimitedly with latest new technology applied into their research. “…more details

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Introduction Qmax’s Authorized Dealers (Media Car Magazines)

“After 12 Motorsports in the tuners haven of Sunway will surely have something that suits your needs. Just because the outfit have a focus on motorsports doesn’t mean that they can’t cater for those that don’t have a need for speed. They carry the full range of Qmax products from that serve voltage management, fuel management and even air management. Also available are engine lubricants and carbon cleaners to get rid of carbon deposits inside your engine.” …more details 

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Qmax’s Ambassador Review (Media Car Magazine) 

” Qmax memilih Dave Tan mewakili jenama ini adalah tepat kerana prestasinya sukar ditemui pada mana-mana drifter lain….“ Berterima kasih kepada Qmax kerana menaja sekaligus mempertingkatkan kecemerlangan keretanya di medan tempur, drifter yang baru berkecimpung secara serius dalam sukan aktiviti lasak in berharap akan ada lebih banyak pengajuran kejohanan drift di masa-masa akan datang tanpa membelakangkan isu keselamatan di setiap litar. “ – Dave Tan “….more details

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Qmax Packages Price List * Price Remain *

Prices for our products had gone up but we will maintain our pricing for our packages to give you even better value and to serve you better…more details