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FILTERDOT removes and retains metal particulate inside your disposable filter!

Cleaning oil by magnetic separation is a practice that has been used for decades, particularly on racing engines and extreme duty engines. FilterDot is designed specifically for canister type filters using advanced design and analysis software. This design software and proprietary design directs flux where you need it to thoroughly clean your oil. Harmful contaminants, rather than polluting your oil filtration system, are trapped and held inside the filter until disposal. Advancements in this technology over recent years overcome the earlier drawbacks with this type of filtration. Specifically, higher grade and high-temp materials, along with a superior design, allow FilterDot to extract and hold harmful metallic particles better than any other product on the market. FilterDot is a highly effective way of protecting your engine and other critical oil lubricated parts against damaging metal particles, removing 99% of all engine contaminants.

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FILTERDOT is simple to use and apply!

Simply snap onto the bottom of your filter and the FilterDot goes to work! In just this simple application, your oil will be cleaner and stay cleaner longer!

Increase in fuel economy.Pays for it self!

Removes Metal Contaminants from your Engine

Removes Suspended Sludge

Keeps Oil Cleaner Longer- Increasing Oil Change Intervals

Easy installation- No tools required- On in a snap

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