E-Warranty Cyclone 3/5

Beware of Imitation

IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing either Cyclone 3 or 5, please find the Warranty card inside the box. Fill the warranty card. Then log on to website and register the E-warranty within 7 days. This is to ensure Cyclone 3 or 5 you bought is genuine and warranty is now valid.

Step 1 Fill up your warranty Card

Step 2 Make sure your product serial number in warranty security seal.(Original)

The upper part of this security seal can be torn off to see whether this sticker is security featured. If it is authentic, then you will see the VOID wording on the inner layer of the sticker.

Cyclone 3/5 E Warranty

Notes : Registration without Warranty Card No. and Serial No. is officially valid only after verify by us. We will contact you by email for more information.