Fuel Savings

CYCLONE 3/5 significantly increases the flame propagation speed, While greatly improving the engine’s efficiency, minimizing CO2 levels and reducing air pollution.

Less Pollution

CYCLONE 3/5 creates a swirling, fast-burn effect in the combustion chamber. The fine vapor fuel particles allow near-complete combustion, maximizing engine power output and virtually eliminating engine knocking.

More Power

CYCLONE’s advanced air-flow dynamics allow near complete combustion, thereby achieving maximum fuel efficiency.

Extended Engine Life

With CYCLONE 3/5, braking power is improved by the increased negative pressure created within the intake manifold.

Improved Braking Power

CYCLONE 3 / 5 improves engine starts in winter, and provides smoother running in summer when the air conditioner is on.

Overall Engine Performance

Carbon deposits turns to red hot spots in combustion chamber will ignite fuel with tremendous power can’t resist rush in with normal brake. That unexpected car dash can happen at any kind of car, gasoline, diesel, LPG, manual, auto transmission, turbo, inter cooler, new and old.

What is difference between ordinary air twister compare to CYCLONE 3/ 5?

Cyclone Eliminates Carbon Deposits On Intake Valves In An EFI Engine

Cyclone 3/5  clean attached carbon deposits on intake valves in an EFI engine .When carbon accumulates on the intake valve in a fuel-injection system, engine stall and hesitation occur and may even lead to valves crack.

Cyclone prolongs the life and function of the 3way catalyst.

1mm ceramic honeycomb-type 3way catalyst decreases engine power, and carbon deposits make it worse, CYCLONE solves this problem and prolongs the life and function of the 3way catalyst.

RESULT OF ENGINE DYNO TEST, 1987 BY : Korea National Industrial Testing Institute / ITEM : Gasoline and Diesel Engines

RESULTS : (a) 20% reduction of CO gas emissions while idling  (b) 7%~8% increase in power output with 50% load