How to install Qmax Nano Fuel?

Qmax Nano Fuel can be easily installed (DIY) into all kinds of automobiles. First of all, life the engine hood to locate the position of the intake pipe in front of the carburetor / injector. Package the Qmax Nano Fuel around the intake pipe, followed by further coiling the Qmax Nano Fuel with pipe. If there is a factory rubber sheath attached on the surface layer of the intake pipe before installation, the rubber sheath need to be removed before application. No further dis-assembly is required during the installation process.  

Following are few friendly reminders for installation process: 

If the intake pipe wall is thicker than normal, the penetration of heat going through the wall will be rather inefficient. One of the quick solutions is by wrapping the entire exploring intake pipe with aluminum foil before installing your Qmax Nano Fuel. This step helps the flow rate of heat exchange.

Make sure you have checked the status of your oil filter, oil level, along with periodic maintenance. Any previously accumulated carbon should be cleared before installation. After a successful application, the total exhaust will decrease, which also indicates that the engine has achieved a better efficiency of combustion.

If the engine rpm tested (shown by revolution counter) while idling appears to be higher after installation, this condition can be adjusted by tuning the bolt named “slow”.

The life cycle of Qmax Nano Fuel under normal conditions is over 250,000 km. So changing the Qmax Nano Fuel at every 250,000km will help to achieve optimum results.

Installation Guide (Petrol engine)

Locate the fuel line going to the engine (in between fuel filter and fuel injector). If there is an extra outer later on the fuel line, remove it. otherwise, wipe clean the fuel line with damp cloth. Then, put Qmax Nano Fuel (up to 4 pieces) on the fuel supply line, as close to the engine as possible by wrapping it tightly around the fuel pipe

Installation Guide (Diesel engine)

Locate the diesel supply hose in between Fuel filter and High pressure pump(or Diesel fuel pump). Replace the it with Qmax Hose (Do Not cut it short). Use the manual pump found at Fuel filter and pump it for ½ minute. Start engine as usual. Also, if further improvement is desired, each fuel line can applied with a Nano Fuel. Refer to the diagram on right.

* Installation on common-rail engine may be different.

Others Application Qmax Nano Fuel (Can also be clamp on)

On Car Absorber  

It’s becomes less floaty and it make the handling more stable.

Toyota Avanza 2012 ~ Car Absorber

Toyota Estima Year 2010 ~ On Car Absorber

Ford Focus 2013 ~ On Car Absorber

Mercedes W211 ~ On Car Absorber

Toyota Vellfire 2012 ~ On Car Absorber

Battery Terminal

Battery Terminal(Reduce distortion or current noise,better response,improve sound quality as well)

On Air-Conditioner System 

Air-cond hose (improve cooling efficiency, extend gas/oil life, reduce engine load, lesser noise & vibration)

On Auto Transmission System

Auto-gear Transmission hose(smoother gear shifting, extend ATF life)

On Breaking System 

Brake hose (increase braking system, prolong brake fluid and components life)

Water Cooling System

Water Radiator hose (reduce water temperature)

Audio System 

Audio amplifier power / RCA cable (improved sound quality)

Spark Plug Coil Wire 

Greater engine responsiveness

Audio System 

Audio amplifier power / RCA cable (improved sound quality)

Installed at Iran  

Qmax Nano Air & Fuel

Installed at Iran  

Qmax Nano Fuel