Qmax Nano Fuel (Fuel Management System)

Qmax Nano Fuel emits far infrared ray going through the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. Thus, it can improve combustion efficiency after fuel molecules entering into the engine and further enhances the power output, fuel efficiency, less emission and friendlier to environment. When used in older engine, it will gradually lessen the carbon accumulated in the combustion chambers.

In case of experiencing difficulty of ignition, abnormal vibration or inevitable stalling, Qmax Nano Fuel is also capable to improve such conditions.

Qmax Nano Fuel is designed for most of motor vehicles, it can be used in cars, buses, motorbike, trucks, excavators and so on.

What is difference between Qmax Nano Fuel compare to others brand?

Advantages : –

  1. Improve carburetor and injector function, further improve atomization of fuel, complete combustion, increase power output.

  2. Improve low temperature working condition, reduces carbon built-up in combustion chamber, low influence engine oil pollution, extend engine life. Tip-top condition, even after 500,000 km.

  3. Extremely low carbon built-up deposit. Prolong use will make the engine runs like new again, cleaner exhaust gas, environmental friendlier and better fuel economy.

  4. Distinctly reduce greenhouse gases. Also it prolongs engine life, save fuel, improve horsepower , and reduce maintenance cost. Certified by SIRIM for its effectiveness.

Experiment Datas (2) – 4 Emission Tester (Qmax Nano Fuel)