Qmax Nano-Technology Grounding Cable (Quality Comparison)

The effect is significantly better when using both Qmax Voltage Stabilizer & Qmax Grounding Cables

Some car models comes with “electrical current sensor” connected at the negative terminal on the battery in a place that may not be visible. For details check with your dealer or if unsure connect the earth to the same place on the body. The installation positive and the shape of the electrical current sensor may be different before and after minor model changes; please consult your car dealer for details.

Battery Charging Test Results (With both Qmax Grounding cables & Qmax Super Voltage stabilizer)

The test is carried out using highly acclaimed Auto Test Battery Analyzer imported from Australia. [currently used (in Malaysia) by Spanco, Shell autoserv, Yokohama battery manufacturer; (in Singapore) by Honda, BMW, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Aston Martin& Subaru service centre]

The Resistance indicated (in mΩ) shows internal resistance of battery. The higher the resistance reading, the poorer the battery life.For Battery Rating – referring to the State of Health of the battery. (e.g. 100% = Tip top condition, as good as at the time of manufacture)

When using both Qmax cables & Voltage stabilizer, it is capable to desulphate the sulphates plates occurred in older battery. Therefore, older battery can be revived, longer battery life can be expected and less current charging is needed. So less loading to the alternator, means also better engine performance & more mileage per tankful of fuel. Also, the nano contained in Qmax cables allowing higher charging current, from alternator directly to battery, while on Qmax negative cables, it allows much smoother current flow with extremely low resistance.

The Results – Extent Battery Life, Prolong all Electrical & Electronic Life, Brisk Car Acceleration, better fuel economy, Stable voltage, ECU works more efficiently, Better Audio Quality, Better Air-con operation, good wiper speed.