The test has been carried out under controlled environment. Cars undergo for test were installed with Qmax & then without Qmax. The results are then compared and proven that Qmax product can significantly improve fuel economy. On the other hand, when performance is needed, Qmax product can also giving better, smoother acceleration, more horsepower/torque than before. Tested By Media,From Highway (Jalan Duta to KLIA Highway)  THE RESULTS  30% SAVINGS!

On The Road VOL127 (Fuel Saving Testimonial) Magazine Content …read more

 Ssang Yong Rexton Fuel Saver up to 38%

Tested By Media,From Highway (Jalan Duta to KLIA Highway) 


Quantity of fuel used from Jalan Duta to KLIA with Qmax & Guang Dao products: 4.56 Litres / RM8.27

Quantity of fuel used from KLIA to Jalan Duta without Qmax & Guang Dan products : 7.1 Litres / RM 12.78

Qmax Packages Price List * Price Remain *

Prices for our products had gone up but we will maintain our pricing for our packages to give you even better value and to serve you better…more details

Products Information

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Voltage Management System)

Qmax / GD Super Voltage Stabilizer is to minimize voltage fluctuation and reduce distortion. This will allow ECU to work more efficiently with greater precisions. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficiently…more details

Qmax Nanotechnology Grounding Cable (Voltage Management System)

The Nano-technology Grounding cable is the most reliable voltage tuning system available today. its capable to stabilize the voltage from the battery while reducing load on the battery…more details

Qmax Nano Fuel

Qmax Nano Fuel emits far infrared ray going throught the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. Thus, it can improve combustion efficiency after fuel molecules entering into the engine and further enhances the vehicles horsepower and fuel efficiency…more details

Qmax Nano Air

Qmax Nano Air is designed to energize air particles as it converts into smaller particles. Its also converts more helium from the air which in turn increases the total burning surface area and hence improved combustion…more details