Sirim Test ~ Diesel Vehicle

Sirim QAS International Report (Emission Reduced) Reduced Emission up to 46.8%

The reading on smoke produced is 96%, indicating of high level of black smoke emission being produced.

After installed with Qmax items, the reading of the smoke produced is  significantly reduced to 50% only. Without modification.

This also contribute to improved engine performance, better fuel economy and environmental friendly.

Sirim QAS International Report (reduce gas emission) - The test is carried out on before and after install Qmax products & Cyclone 3

Sirim QAS International Report (Report no: 2010MA871(B) dated 01/12/2010 )

* Satu sampel Fuel Saving Devices berjenama : Qmax & Cyclone , telah dihantar untuk pengujian di SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd mengikut spesifikasi pengilang. Nombor Laporan Ujian 2010MA871(B) bertarikh 1 Disember 2010 *

Result shows the gas emission result in 2 different conditions :-

  1. Result without using the Qmax & Cyclone gadget

  2. Result by using the Qmax & Cyclone gadget

Without using the Qmax & Cyclone gadget, gas emission is 96%. Using the 50% Qmax & Cyclone gadget, gas emission result is 50%.

The items used for the test consists of 3 categories :

  1. Fuel Management System

  2. Air Management System

The SIRIM test program was conducted to validate the exhaust gas emission characteristic of an internal combustion engine, using the set of gadget called Qmax & Cyclone installed in a commercial  vehicle. The claims with regard to the gadget is better emission producing.

Qmax & Cyclone does indicate an improvement in gas emission. The improvement was observed from 96% to 50% without any modification.

The items used for the test consists of 2 categories:

Fuel management system:
[Qmax Nano Fuel and Nano Hose]
Qmax Nano Fuel emits far infrared ray going throught the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. read more>>>

Air management system:
[Qmax Nano Air]
Qmax Nano Air is capable on energizing air particles, it not only will reduce it self, it would make particles more active and smaller. read more>>>

[Cyclone 3]
Cyclone’s 3 is airflow dynamic that designed to improve the vehicle’s air intake system that able to reduce air pollution as more>>

Test vehicle  : Model Isuzu HNR55E(UBS) , Diesel / 1997

Without Qmax & Cyclone gas emission : 96%

The item used the test ~ Qmax Nano Air (2pcs)

The item used the test ~ Qmax Nano Fuel (6pcs)

The item used the test ~ Qmax Nano Hose (1meter)

After installed with Qmax & Cyclone gas emission : 50%