Sirim Test ~ Petrol Vehicle

Sirim QAS International Report (Improve Horsepower) Increase HP up 14.8%

On this test, a sedan petrol car of Proton Saga BLM is being loaded onto Dyno machine to measure the power and torque output. The test is carried out on before and after install Qmax products.

First, the maximum output is measured without Qmax product on. Then, the step is repeated with Qmax products on. Every test, the reading are taken.

Sirim QAS International Report (Report no: 2010MA0871(A) dated 01/12/2010 )

* Satu sampel Fuel Saving Devices berjenama : Qmax, telah dihantar untuk pengujian di SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd mengikut spesifikasi pengilang. Nombor Laporan Ujian 2010MA0871(A) bertarikh 1 Disember 2010 *

The results without Qmax Products 

Before : maximum horsepower is reached at 5000 RMP, with the output of 70.5Hp

The results with Qmax Product 

After : maximum horsepower is now reached at only 2950 RPM, with output of 80.9Hp

The items used for the test consists of 3 categories :

  1. Voltage Management System 

  2. Fuel Management System

  3. Air Management System

With Qmax, it will not only will increase the power of Engine, it also allowing the engine run at much lower RPM to achieve Maximum Horsepower. The reasons is due to complete combustion, stabilized electrical system and significantly improved ECU efficiencies.

Therefore, by pressing LESS on accelerator pedal to get same power as before is now possible allowing earlier up shifting of gears and resulting better fuel economy that you sure can notice of.
On the other hand, if you pressing accelerator pedal MORE, you may not get much fuel saving, but it gives you More clean power, Brisk acceleration that you can felt of.

The items used for the test consists of 3 categories:

Voltage management system:
(Qmax Voltage Stabilizer 2pcs) and (Qmax Nano Grounding Cable premium set)
The same laws apply to a typical car’s electric system, as electric current flows from the positive terminal of a battery, through the car’s body to the negative terminal on the battery.

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer is designed to bring out top efficiency of your battery.

Fuel management system:
[Qmax Nano Fuel x6pcs]
Qmax Nano Fuel emits far infrared ray going throught the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate.

Air management system:
[Qmax Nano Air x2pcs]
Qmax Nano Air is capable on energizing air particles, it not only will reduce it self, it would make particles more active and smaller.

1) Voltage Management System : Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable

1) Voltage Management System : Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer

2) Fuel Management System : Qmax Nano Fuel

3) Air Management System : Qmax Nano Air