Latest Qmax Energetic Technology

Nanotechnology is the creation of functional materials, devices and systems through control of matter on the nanometer length scale (1-100 nanometers), and exploitation of novel phenomena and properties (physical, chemical, biological, mechanical, electrical…) at that length scale. For comparison, a nanometer is a billionth of a meter, or, about 1/80,000 of the diameter of a human hair. A scientific and technical revolution has just begun based upon the ability to systematically organize and manipulate matter at nano scale. A specific raw material obtained from natural ore emits the ray similar to far infrared ray. But the Qmax is the fifth generation Nanotechnology in which it is able to function optimally at cold temperatures just as well. With such properties the application for Qmax Nanotechnology is huge, and ultimately with the latest new technology applied into their research Qmax have come up with the Qmax Nanotechnology fuel Saver.

The fuel supplied into the combustion chambers is in every way essential for the functioning of engine. Regardless to what kind of fuel is used on a car, whether old or new, there’s always a chance that it is not being fully utilised. Having said that, the fuel in which is ignited, if not properly refined, the engine’s performance will be affected.What essentially is required then, is a device that could help enhance every of fuel that goes into the combustion chambers. The answer is, Qmax Nano Fuel. Basically what it does is to breaks and refines the fuel molecules with Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver that penetrates through metal, rubber and fiber braces upon being attached.The nanotech emitted by Qmax Nano Fuel which penetrates through the fuel lines causing the fuel molecules to resonate, resulting in a breakdown of the molecules before it goes into the combustion chambers for a more effective and cleaner combustion. This inevitable improves on the engines performance and fuel economy as every of fuel is optimised by the Qmax Nano Fuel device.The Qmax nano Fuel is highly compatible with various types of vehicles and even on buses and commercial vehicles. Its versatility also stretches to engine running on gas (LGP, CNG, NGV) and biofuel. This device can also improve the carburetors and fuel injectors by making it to work more effectively for more complete combustion. It also helps improve on low temperature working conditions while keeping the combustion chambers clean and fewer carbon deposits.The easy installation of the Qmax Nano Fuel makes it a must have for the savvy consumers looking to get a better mileage from a tankful of fuel.

Qmax Nano Fuel is the FIRST device with its qmax nanotech energy saver at 12 x 10 /Second that penetrate metal/rubber/fiber braces and break oil molecule thin disintegrate, bring forth low frequency resonate, resonate behind can bring forth anion, increase oxygen content, promotion fog melts effect. Thus the fuel can fully mix with air while entering into the engine cylinder, giving an enhancing performance of combustion, engine runs smooth, increase engine longevity. It is good for the environments because is can decrease the vehicle’s carbon monoxide 18% or more. It is a device of new invention using latest nanotechnology.

About Qmax Nano Fuel

Qmax Nano Fuel emits qmax nanotech energy saver going thought the gas pipe to break down fuel molecules by leading the molecules to resonate. Thus, it can improve combustion efficiency after fuel molecules entering into the engine and further enhances the vehicles horsepower and fuel efficiency.

In case of experiencing difficulty of ignition, abnormal vibration or inevitable stalling, Qmax Nano Fuel is also capable to improve such conditions.

Main function: save the energy resource and money, improve horsepower, reduce carbon deposit, extend engine life, reduce emission and environmental friendly.

Qmax Nano Fuel is designed for most of the motor vehicles. It can be used in cars, MPV, SUV, Bus, Truck, excavators and so on. Suitable for engine running on diesel, petrol, gas (PLG,CNG,NGV), Biodiesel, Biopetrol.

Why using Qmax Nano Fuel in my car?

1. Improve carburetor/ fuel injectors function, better atomization, virtually complete combustion.

2. Improve low temperature working condition, keep combustion chambers clean, lesser carbon allowing longer engine oil self life, extend engine life, best performance condition.

3. Fewer carbon deposit, resulting better engine efficiency, cleaner emission and increased mileage per tankful fuel.

4. Easy to install, protects engine, extend automobile life, save fuel, improve horsepower/ torque and reduce maintenance cost.

Sirim QAS International Report (Improve Horsepower UP 14.8% )

How to install Qmax Nano Fuel?

Qmax Nano Fuel can be easily installed (DIY) into all kinds of automobiles. First of all, life the engine hood to locate the position of the intake pipe in front of the carburetor / injector. Package the Qmax Nano Fuel around the intake pipe, followed by further coiling the Qmax Nano Fuel with pipe. If there is a factory rubber sheath attached on the surface layer of the intake pipe before installation, the rubber sheath need to be removed before application. No further dis-assembly is required during the installation process.

Following are few friendly reminders for installation process: 

If the intake pipe wall is thicker than normal, the penetration of heat going through the wall will be rather inefficient. One of the quick solutions is by wrapping the entire exploring intake pipe with aluminum foil before installing your Qmax Nano Fuel. This step helps the flow rate of heat exchange.

Make sure you have checked the status of your oil filter, oil level, along with periodic maintenance. Any previously accumulated carbon should be cleared before installation. After a successful application, the total exhaust will decrease, which also indicates that the engine has achieved a better efficiency of combustion.

If the engine rpm tested (shown by revolution counter) while idling appears to be higher after installation, this condition can be adjusted by tuning the bolt named “slow”.

The life cycle of Qmax Nano Fuel under normal conditions is over 250,000 km. So changing the Qmax Nano Fuel at every 250,000km will help to achieve optimum results.

Installation Guide (Petrol engine)

Locate the fuel line going to the engine (in between fuel filter and fuel injector). If there is an extra outer later on the fuel line, remove it. otherwise, wipe clean the fuel line with damp cloth. Then, put Qmax Nano Fuel (up to 4 pieces) on the fuel supply line, as close to the engine as possible by wrapping it tightly around the fuel pipe.

qmax fuel system s1

Installation Guide (Diesel engine)

Locate the diesel supply hose in between Fuel filter and High pressure pump(or Diesel fuel pump). Replace the it with Qmax Hose (Do Not cut it short). Use the manual pump found at Fuel filter and pump it for ½ minute. Start engine as usual. Also, if further improvement is desired, each fuel line can applied with a Nano Fuel. Refer to the diagram on right.

qmax diesel system a

Others Application Qmax Nano Energy Saver (Clamp to)

On Breaking System 

Brake hose (increase braking system, prolong brake fluid and components life) …more details

qmax car braking system copy

On Car Absorber  

It’s becomes less floaty and it make the handling more stable (improving the vehicle’s ride and stability.)..more details

qmax nano car absorber

Battery Terminal

Battery Terminal(Reduce distortion or current noise,better response,improve sound quality as well) ..more details

qmax nano fuel battery

On Auto Transmission System

Auto-gear Transmission hose(smoother gear shifting, extend ATF life) …more details

qmax nano auto transmission

On Air-Conditioner System 

Air-cond hose (improve cooling efficiency, extend gas/oil life, reduce engine load, lesser noise & vibration) ..more details

qmax nano air cond

Water Cooling System

Water Radiator hose (reduce water temperature) ..more details 

qmax nano cooling system

Spark Plug Coil Wire 

Greater engine responsiveness ..more details

qmax nano spark plug

Audio System 

Audio amplifier power / RCA cable (improved sound quality) ..more details

qmax nano audio a1

Audio System 

Audio amplifier power / RCA cable (improved sound quality) ..more details

qmax nano car audio a2