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CYCLONE 3 or 5 is an air-TWISTER, patented worldwide, with 13 years of research & development behind it...more details

Make repairs instantly, right where things break! RapidFix saves time and saves money…more details

CTEK SWEDEN AB designs and develops a unique series of high-tech battery chargers and special solutions for all types of ed-acid batteries for both private and professional use...more details

Lambda engine products have been tested, accredited and awarded the TUV Rheinland mark for their proven quality and effectiveness, tested in cars chosen at random by the T.U.V testing authority to prove that our products not only do what we claim they do but also cause no harm to an engine or their components due to our high quality ingredients..more details

JumpsPower – Power Bank + Jump Starter

All-in-One Power Bank, Jump Start, and LED Torch light!

A powerful compact and convenient one of a kind charge-everything device that fits inside your pocket or glove compartment of your vehicle. Never worry about your smart phone or tablet running low on battery ever again. If your car won’t start, you don’t have to call a tow truck service for assistance. If you enjoy the outdoors you don’t need to bring an additional flashlight. JumpsPower™ is the only thing you need to solve all of these problems. It’s the Swiss army knives of portable power bank devices. It can power and charge all of your devices, start your car, and even save your life in the outdoors! …more details 

100% Australia Owned and Operates

100% Australia Owned and Operates

Other Car Care Products..more details