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Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer ~ Customer Testimonial From Car Owner Mazda 3 Skyactiv 2.0 (A) Year 2015

I am Khen, the owner of the Mazda 3 Skyactiv. Thanks to my friend who introduce me to Qmax Racing products, which I chosen the Qmax Turbo Voltage Stablizer, highest range of VS from the collection. I felt my engine became much smoother and silent as compared to before. The most noticeable changes after installing the Qmax Turbo is brighter headlights, cooler air condition and the most satisfying is the increased of the vehicle TORQUE & HP is More powerful when I hit on the throttle now! The Qmax Turbo also help in fuel comsumption I will definately recommend such a proven products to my car club members and friends. Thank you Qmax !


Is the owner of Mazda 3 2.0 Skyactiv also holds a Certified Advanced Defensive Driving Course by AADSB

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 Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Turbo)

(Connect at 12V battery & alternator)

This Racing Spec,2-in-1 voltage stabilizer that consist of Direct-charging Positive cable and Voltage Stabilizer in one. It improves both Horsepower and Torque from Low to High RPM, The Positive cable allows ample charging current to the battery. The results: Noticeably improved acceleration, superior engine response, longer lasting battery life, stable voltage, reduced distortion and less emission...more details

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Qmax Engine Oil ~ Customer Testimonial
From Forum Lowyat Net


Feb 26 2016, 10:50 AM / Show posts by this member only | Post #42

QUOTE(frankor @ Feb 26 2016, 10:31 AM)

May I know what car you are driving?
If use Petron Blaze Ron 95 it will reduce knocking tremendously.

On the other hand if your car is using old Japanese engine (80s to 90s JDM type) than you may wish to give a try to Caltex Techron Ron 95.

If either Petron Blaze Ron 95 and Caltex Techron Ron 95 cannot solve your knocking problem then you may need to use Ron 97 petrol.

I believe (maybe I am wrong) it has nothing to do with thinner or thicker engine oil.

I owned 2 modded cars one is Satria with Mivec engine and the other Accord with H22A engine which both are high compression engine and it was suppose to  to use higher Ron petrol eg Ron 97.

My Satria is currently filled with  Caltex Techron Ron 95 and the engine oil is Hi-Rev 15W-50 (Semi Synthetic) so far so good no knocking but it need to change engine oil at 4,000 km interval.

As for the Honda is currently filled with Petron Blaze Ron 95 and the engine oil is Qmax 5W-50 (Fully Synthetic) so far there is no knocking and the engine oil will never dry-up or evaporate therefore I only change the  oil at 8,000 km interval.

Pls see file attachment of the pics of the engine oils that I am using for my Satria and Honda.

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MACE SQ judge & Car Audio Advisor K.V Low Claimed

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From Blog Kereta Nasinal Proton


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From Customer Qmax’s Dealer

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MACE SQ judge & Car Audio Advisor K.V Low Claimed

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MACE SQ judge & Car Audio Advisor KV Low certified that Qmax Nano Fuel can improve sound effect by up to 20% after installing Qmax Nano Fuel connecting to a set component sound speaker (6.5inch), with retails price of below 2k. KV Low discovered that with Qmax Nano Fuel installed, the effect of sound in stage performance such as piano, drum and vocal is more solid and clear. Compared to a same set without installing the product.


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Testimonial From Eco Tuning LLC, USA

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Qmax GT3 Silver Package installed at Scion at Eco Tuning LLC, USA

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Qmax GT3 Silver Package installed at Subaru at Eco Tuning LLC, USA

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Mr. William driving Hyundai Sonota

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” This is my 2011 Hyundai Sonata 2.0. It comes with 6-speed auto, Dual CVVT engine. First i went to After12 Motorsport and install Qmax Voltage Stabilizer ,Qmax Grounding Cable,Qmax nano Air 2pcs and Nano Fuel 6pcs. Compare to before, now my car is easier to start, engine response very good and better than before. Besides that engine sound more solid, kind of like BMW vehicle. Before that the fuel consumption about 9.61/100km, after install getting 8.01/100Km. For 0-100Km/h, over ½ second faster that before.”


Qmax Nano Fuel & Nano Air Installed at Iran

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Mr. Nozilan driving Toyota Vios

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” I have installed the Qmax grounding cable and Qmax Volt Stabilizer for my vios at one of your dealer, Kaitenaz Racing. Thumb up for your product, my car response and torque very noticeable difference. My car already lightly modded with aftermarket intake, exhaust, extractor and whole bunch load of other item from Sun Auto and Pivot. None of it give the additional punch until i installed the Qmax grounding cable(3-plus1+). Later, i getting another set of Qmax grounding cable (2-plus1+) for my Myvi. “


Mr Amran Cokmar

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“ Hi, there,

I am a user of your Qmax products from way back. I thing I really love about your products is that is plug n play, Now they are in a new home (my new car) and still function as always.

Thumbs Up…

Btw, may I know do u sell Qmax Sticke?

Or maybe u can give it as free bies? Hehe…

Thanks “



Mr. Ryan APM Dragon Racer

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” A normal life span of a stock standard maintenance free battery can last up to 1 to 1.5 year before change. With Qmax Grounding Cable, Qmax Voltage Stabilizer and Qmax NanoTech, my maintenance free battery still running on a 100% charging after 3 years. Engine response is so much better during acceleration and a result proven increased in horsepower. Thanks to Qmax Racing for such awesome products. “



Mr. Alan Mu Street Car CLASS 2 Novice Champion (PERODUA 1.3)

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” I am Alan Mu, owner of a Perodua Myvi 1.3 was quite skeptical when I first heard about the mentioned product. The claimed advantages of the product just seems too good to be true, but relented to have it installed due to the superb salesmanship of the sales person at V-Class Motorsport (M) Sdn Bhd.

After driving my car for a couple of days after the installation of the Qmax Grounding Cable and Qmax Voltage Stabilizer, it was signing a different tune, which was full of praises for the positive results I purchased from the product.

In the past, my car felt lethargic when going up a steep slope, but this is now a thing of the past as a significant increase in torque and horsepower can be felt, resulting in a better throttle response. Besides this, engine start-up and idling stability has also improved significantly. Another thing that put a smile on my face was that, I was getting more mileage for my tank of petrol, a surprise to me with the enhancement in engine performance would meant a ‘thirsty’ engine.

“Armed” with an enhanced car, I had recently participated in the Rally X Series Sepang 2009 Street Car Class 2 Novice, emerging as champion in this class. I gather that the Qmax Nano Technology Grounding Alternator Charging Power Booster Cable should get part of the credit for this successful run. “

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