Qmax-intelligent electronic system [ Qmax Nanotech Grounding Cable ]Voltage Management System

On a normal electrical system, the current flows from a positive terminal to negative terminal through the car body. But there are resistance at connectors of body, engine and transmission. The resistance disturbs this flow of electricity to a degree that electrical components such as computer(ECU), lamp and spark plugs unable to perform at their peaks. In order to get the highest performance out of any automobile, it is necessary to achieve a maximum electricity flow with extremely low resistance along its electrical circuits.

The additional earth wire on our Qmax Earth Grounding Cable has a conductor circumference 2.5 times the normal wire. This improves the firing speed by reducing current loss and further increases conductivity of high voltage current, without having to change spark plugs cables. Therefore, it gives better combustion, better gas mileage, more torque, cleaner emission, less greenhouse gas and friendlier to environment, as well as catalytic converter.

What benefits does it provide?

Qmax Grounding & alternator Charging Power Booster Cable is the most reliable tuning system to stabilize the voltage flow from/to the battery.

* Providing the best performance, Qmax Grounding & alternator Charging Power Booster Cable are widely used in most Race Cars.* Extremely Low Resistance/Impedance and Double Layer Insulation, Stannum Plated on 99.8% Pure Copper Wire to prevent oxidation. Superb conductivity for maximum current delivery to ignition system, as well as entire electrical system. 

  • Significant Increase Torque and Horsepower.
  • Better Throttle Response.
  • Improves Engine Start-Up and Idling Stability
  • Brighter Headlights, Improved Audio/Bass Quality
  • Improves Fuel Efficiency, Reduce Carbon Deposit.
  • Cleaner emission, environmental friendlier

Over the decades, advance technologies are developed to utilize into modern cars. Unfortunately, a good grounding system has been overlooked by most car manufacturers. A good grounding system dedicate a lot to the ignition, although it may look simple, but by installing these wire you will see & feel significant improvement in Power, Sound Quality & Brighter Lights. We have tested & show better improvement on several cars with existing great ignition system. It has been certified by SIRIM for its effectiveness.

What does the Qmax  Earth Grounding System do? It gives huge improvement on electricity flow and stability by providing a direct ground path from the body, chassis and engine block to the battery negative.

What does the Qmax  Alternator Positive Direct Charge System do? Achieve an extreme improvement on electricity flow and stability by providing Alternator Positive Direct Charge with Nano Booster to the battery positive to maximize battery charging, increases charging rates & maintains the battery at fully charged.

Sirim QAS International Report (Improve Horsepower UP 14.8% )

On this test, a sedan petrol car of Proton Saga BLM is being loaded onto Dyno machine to measure the power and torque output. The test is carried out on before and after install Qmax products.    First, the maximum output is measured without Qmax product on. Then, the step is repeated with Qmax products on. Every test, the reading are taken.

* Satu sampel Fuel Saving Devices berjenama : Qmax, telah dihantar untuk pengujian di SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd mengikut spesifikasi pengilang. Nombor Laporan Ujian 2010MA0871(A) bertarikh 1 Disember 2010 *

Some car models comes with “electrical current sensor” connected at the negative terminal on the battery in a place that may not be visible. For details check with your dealer or if unsure connect the earth to the same place on the body. The installation position and the shape of the electrical current sensor may be different before and after minor model changes; please consult your car dealer for details.

Qmax Grounding Cables Product’s Quality Comparison 

Toyota Alphard 3.0 V6
Original Alternato r(+) Charging 3.5 ampere
Qmax Grounding (+) Charging 29.2 ampere


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