CYCLONE 3/5 is an air-TWISTER, patented worldwide, with 20 years of research & development behind it.

CYCLONE’s airflow dynamic is designed to improve your vehicle’s air intake system in two ways. First, by creating a more efficient airflow path throughout the intake hose, air reaches your engine with greater momentum. As air travels through an intake it bounces around bends and elbows in the hose causing it to slow down. Spinning air is less susceptible to these abrupt changes in direction.

Secondly, once this redirected air reaches the engine, it produces a swirling, fast burn effect in the combustion chamber to create finer particles of atomized fuel, allowing better flame propagation and more complete combustion. The swirling air has longer residence time with fuel than flat air. Since the air spins through the fuel rather than just shooting through in a straight line, it spends more time mixing with the gasoline in your engine.

The swirling effect helps to atomized the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber which, when exposed to the ignition, results in a more complete and efficient burning of the fuel.

Dyno testing shows 4-13 added horsepower as well! Imagine a mini tornado on its side moving through the intake of your automobile. The swirling air effect helps atomize the fuel inside the engine, leading to an even fuel/air mixture and a more efficient burn.

Although results varied from vehicle to vehicle, gains were evident, and considering the unit is inexpensive, easy to install, and requires no maintenance, the Cyclone is a worthwhile investment.

What makes it superior?

Products designed to produce these results are commonly referred to as vortex generators, because of the vortex air path they create in the air intake hose. The CYCLONE 3/5 is the superior vortex generator on the market for several reasons:

  1. The CYCLONE 3/5 is constructed from a single piece of high quality stainless steel making it more durable than its competitors. Most vortex generators are made of thinner material and are composed of multiple pieces which are then welded together. Because the CYCLONE 3/ 5 is a solid single piece, there is no possibility of breakage. We are so confident that the CYCLONE 3/ 5 will outlast any engine that we back it with a 2 Years Warranty.

  2. The CYCLONE 3/ 5 is adjustable for an exact fit. There are different CYCLONE 3/ 5 for different vehicles, but we never ask our customers to find part numbers on a complicated chart or measure their own intake hoses before ordering. You just let us know what vehicle you are ordering for and we do the rest. Since our units are adjustable, there is virtually never a vehicle that we do not accommodate. There is never a delay in producing units for the most current model years.

  3. Quality and adaptability are trademarks of the CYCLONE 3/ 5, but it is our engineering that truly sets us apart from the rest. Most vortex generators have multiple large metal fins which twist from one side of the intake hose to the other, meeting in the center. In order to create a vortex within the intake, a lot of metal is ed in the precious space between the engine and its air source. Here at CYCLONE 3/ 5, we have succeeded in creating a vortex in the air intake while minimizing the back-pressure created by other devices. The air begins to spin at the outer edges of the hose which then naturally continues on its path towards the center. Therefore, the blades of the CYCLONE 3/5 have been designed for optimum functionality while requiring minimal space and allowing for greater airflow.

  4. Quality material and workmanship, virtually unlimited applications, and advanced engineering all make the easy to install CYCLONE 3/ 5 the clear choice.


In convenient engines, constant vibration can result in serious damage to the power transmission system.

(According to Dr. J.S. Choi of Yonsei University, all materials deteriorate as a result of repeated impart.)


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