Qmax-intelligent electronic system(Super Voltage Stabilizer)Voltage Management System

Qmax -intelligent electronic system(Super Voltage Stabilizer) is to minimize voltage fluctuation /reduce distortion and etc. This will allow ECU/electrical and electronic to work more efficiently with greater precision. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficiently.

Why do we need Qmax-intelligent electronic system(voltage stabilizer) in vehicle?

In today’s world, most vehicle like cars, trucks, buses, motorbikes and so on, require electricity to work properly. The source of the electric current is comes from alternator.It is vital for engine it to run,and also electrical equipments.

When the current from alternator is measured with digital volt meter, the reading is inconsistent. This is caused by voltage fluctuation. The fluctuated voltage will cause the voltage signal of the sensors and actuators to fluctuate as well, causing the sensors and actuators to receive irregular signals. Thus producing inaccurate signals to car’s ECU and other electrical circuits. When ECU and electrical equipments work less efficiently, it leads to the degradation of car performance.

The main purpose of Voltage Stabilizer is to minimize voltage fluctuation and reduce distortion. The effect of this will be clean signal to and from sensors and actuators. This will allow ECU to work more efficiently with greater precisions. Therefore, accurate signal will allow engine to perform more efficiently too.

Do insist on Qmax-intelligent electronic system(Voltage Stabilizer). Why?

Before Qmax-intelligent electronic system(voltage stabilizer) is introduce to the market,countless hours of Research and Development has been done. This is the key factors on producing high quality Voltage stabilizer.

Qmax-intelligent electronic system(Voltage stabilizer) is entirely made only with high quality parts. One of the most significant different is, the cable is using copper with over 99.9% purity, coated with Stannum. Inner layer of cable shield contains Nano compound. With this, it enable the current to flow smoothly, excellent electric conductivity. Currently no other voltage stabilizer is using it.
The electronics components used can still works effectively in hot, 105ºC ambient, for over 10,000 hours continuously. Different capacitors used are for reduce all high pass, band pass and low pass distortion.

In order to have a v.s. that is truly effective, reliable and works year after year, it is crucial to have each and every parts assembled with quality materials that all has went through stringent tests. Qmax-intelligent electronic system(voltage stabilizer) is the only one in today’s market, that has met such requirements.

Benefits / Effects (Qmax Voltage Stabilizer – Voltage Management System)

• Improved gas mileage – “up to 21% better fuel economy”
• Reduced emissions – “up to 80% reduction of HC”
• Improved engine’s efficiency
• Double protection from short circuit
• Double layered circuit board
• Prolong electrical and electronic parts life
• Increase electrical/electronic equipment’ efficiency
• Extend battery lifespan.
• Patented in numerous countries around the world
• Longest warranty available, 1+4 years
• Sirim QAS International certified.
• Simple installation. No modification required, just add-on or plug and play.

Sirim QAS International Report (Improve Horsepower UP 14.8% )

On this test, a sedan petrol car of Proton Saga BLM is being loaded onto Dyno machine to measure the power and torque output. The test is carried out on before and after install Qmax products.    First, the maximum output is measured without Qmax product on. Then, the step is repeated with Qmax products on. Every test, the reading are taken.

* Satu sampel Fuel Saving Devices berjenama : Qmax, telah dihantar untuk pengujian di SIRIM QAS International Sdn Bhd mengikut spesifikasi pengilang. Nombor Laporan Ujian 2010MA0871(A) bertarikh 1 Disember 2010 *

US Patent
Malaysia Patent
Australia Patent
China Patent
Taiwan Patent
Taiwan Patent

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Power Auto)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Easy)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Exceed)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (LV)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (GT3)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Hybrid II)

Qmax Super Voltage Stabilizer (Turbo)


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