Benefit Cyclone 3/5  ~ Longer Service For Engine Life (Prolong Engine Life)

The Cyclone 3/5 prevents the build-up of fouling which, in many cases, can lead to severe wear. With the Cyclone 3/5 you can easily drive at lower revs. Lower speeds contribute to reduced engine wear.

Parameters Which Influence The Service Life Of The Engine 

Wear is often the cause of a shorter service life of an engine. You know that you first have to let the engine reach operating temperature before asking for any kind of performance. Besides, you know that regular maintenance, clean filters and clean oil contribute to a long service life of the engine. But how do you control the other parameters?

A Void Wear Caused By Dirt Built Up

A clean engine shows less wear. The Cyclone 3/5 is a powerful instrument in keeping your engine clean. The swirling air flow carries away all the dirt particles and prevents the build-up of contaminants/carbon deposits on components liable to wear, such as valves, pistons and seals.

Less Wear Thanks To A More Even Combustion Process

A more even combustion process in the cylinder reduces wear on pistons and piston rings. In many cases the vortex of the Cyclone 3/5 continues into the cylinder and its effect is maintained even in the compression stroke. This makes sure that, during combustion, the forces are more evenly distributed on the piston and that the occurrence of a lopsided, wear increasing, load is prevented.

Increase Service Life Of Particulate Filter & Catalytic Converter 

The efficiency of a particulate filter and a catalytic converter can also be enhanced by the vortex created by the Cyclone 3/5. Filters and catalytic converters are charged more evenly and keep working better and longer as a result. Their service life is significantly increased with the Cyclone 3/5.

Extend The Service Life Of Spark Plugs & Carburettors 

Using the Cyclone 3/5 extends the service life of spark plugs, carburettors and injectors in the engine. When the combustion process is more complete, less contaminants are deposited on spark plugs and injectors, resulting in better performance and longer service life for the spark plugs.

Engine Oil Lasts Longer

Using the Cyclone 3/5 increases the combustion rate of the fuel, which results in less fuel leaking into the engine oil. Consequently, the oil will last longer.

Extend Maintenance Intervals For Industrial Engine & Engine For Profession Applications

Where engines in passenger cars often have a regular maintenance schedule, engines in other applications often need to be maintained with an experience-based frequency.

With heavy diesel engines, trucks and ships, the installation of a Cyclone 3/5 hugely extends maintenance intervals and leads to great savings in terms of oil and filters, and even reduces the use of Ad Blue. Since the EGR, the piston rings and bottom grooves stay clean, they can continue to function properly. This ultimately results in less maintenance and longer service life of the engine.