Hypertune Magazine #101 (Fuel Saving Testimonial)

Magazine Content (Hypertune) Vol #101 /2010

V-Class Fuel Saving Package – It’s really works!

The result of before and after installed Qmax Fuel Saver Device at Proton Saga BLM

Before the installation Qmax Products, the 60KM travelled needed 4.861 litres of fuel / After the installation Qmax Products, the 65KM journey back needed only 3.34 litres of fuel

I’ll say it now,  these product really do work, I can’s explain how or why but the results speak for themselves.

V-Class invited me over to go along on a drive which would demonstrate the effectiveness of their new fuel saving pack which consists of the Qmax Nano Fuel, Qmax Nano Air, Qmax Photo Conducted Voltage Stabilizer and Grounding Wire Kit and Qmax Easy Voltage Stabilizer. There were two cars, a Porotn Saga BLM with manual transmission and a 1.3-litre, automotive Perodua Myvi.

The test would take us over 60KM from the Jalan Duta toll on the NKVE, all the way to KLIA. The Myvi had the full package installed, while the Saga did not. Once we arrived at the petrol station near KLIA, the Myvi’s products would be disconnected while the Saga would have the fuel saving pack fitted on the spot. Before we get on to the results, let me explain how these products works.

Qmax Nano Fuel

Qmax Nano Fuel has a special one which emits far infrared rays. The emission of these rays get stronger as the Qmax Nano Fuel heats up. Far infrared rays have many benefits and have been used by physiotherapists to treat muscle related injuries. Qmax Nano Fuel is fitted to the fuel line and these far infrared rays cause the fuel molecules to break apart, which allows for finer atomization of fuel in the engine, resulting in a more complete burn, increase fuel economy and more power.

Qmax Nano Air

Qmax Nano Air also works in the same way Qmax Nano Fuel dose, but this is fitted to the air filter or air intake instead. Qmax Nano Air brakes the air molecules down, which also helps with better combustion and engine performance. Since a car’s brake servo runs on a vacuum generated from the intake manifold, the finer air molecules result in firmer pedal feel and increased braking performance.

Qmax Easy

Plugged into your cigarette lighter slot, the Qmax Easy regulates the flow of current in a car and enhances the ECU’s performance. That is to say, it doesn’t interfere with the fueling maps, but rather increase the ECU’s efficacy by regulating voltage.

Qmax Photo Conducted Voltage Stabilizer & Grounding Wire Kit

This is not your typical voltage stabilizer and grounding wire kit. The cables used are hermetically sealer and are extra thick and made of high quality and highly conducive materials. This product increase your battery’s efficiency and increase the flow of electricity around your car, which increase the efficiency of the car’s electric and electronic components.

On to the test then. I was asked to drive the Myvi which had the fuel saving pack fitted, while a V-Class employee drove the Saga. We decided to keep driving at steady pace with no sudden or hard acceleration, keeping the car moving at constant 90km/h wherever possible. Before we started our journey, both cars were brimmed with fuel.

The drive down to KLIA was about 61KM long. Once we arrived at petrol station on the way to KLIA, the tanks were brimmed again to see how much fuel was used by each respective car. “To brim the Myvi’s tank, we had to pump in 3.06 litres of fuel”, but the some of it did spill all over our shoes. So we could say the Myvi used a little less than 3 liters. The Saga, which didn’t have the fuel saving pack, used 4.861 liters of fuel.” Once the results had been logged, the products on the Myvi were disconnected and removed while we got to work on installing the products on the Saga.

Installation was quick and easy and took us no more than 10 minutes. After a quick break, we were ready to hit the road again. The drive back towards the Jalan Duta toll took us over 65km of highway. We then pulled into the petrol station after the toll plaza to brim the Saga’s and Myvi’s tanks once more.

The results speak for themselves really. “The Saga, which had used 4.861 litres of fuel over a 61km journey before, now used only 3.31 litres of fuel.” So the Myvi’s results aren’t very convincing but you can’t deny that Qmax’s products made a huge impact on the Saga’s fuel consumption!

One more thing worth mentioning is the difference in brake pedal feel that both cars had which and without the Qmax Nano Air.

“The Myvi brake pedal felt spongy after the Qmax Nano Air was removed.”

While braking performance remained somewhat similar, I had to step on the brake harder to get the car to stop. I couldn’t test for sure whether these products made an improvement in the car’s power and performance, because we were on a fuel economy test drive.

I’ll be frank with you, dear reader, Iwas as skepital as you were before I went on this drive. But these products really do make a difference and they do work. To find out more about this pack, call V-Class Motorsport at 03-6228 3608 or visit www.vclassmotorsport.com

The result of before and after installed Qmax Fuel Saver Device at Perodua Myvi

Before the installation Qmax Products, the 60KM travelled needed 3.06 litres of fuel / After the installation Qmax Products, the 65KM journey back needed only 3.60 litres of fuel

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