Fuel Saving Testimonial From Pro Tuner Magazine (Independent Test)

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Magazine Content (Pro Tuners) Vol #PT30





We were invited by Mr Edward Tan (V-Class Motorsport) to go on a joyride with one of their ‘toys’. A red Lancer GT (stock) sat there, humbly, with only, VLCLASS MQTORSPORT stickers, flanking the sides. Nothing too over-the-top done to it just yet but we were glad to take up the opportunity to be driven around in it. anyway.

* Stock Red Lancer GT with QMAX Bolt-On Products

* Qmax Nano Fuel, Nano Air, Grounding Wire, Volt Stabilizer boosts the engine with more power, more efficiency (fuel) and more performance.

* Upon reaching the Shell Station at Jalan Duta. we refuelled with RON 95 (RM 6.96 worth of it) and reset the odometer to clock fuel consumption of the Lancer GT.

* After 61.1 km of driving, we reached another Shell Station. just after KLIA. Fuel consumption tor the Lancer GT we rode in. totalled to about 1 t cents (of fuel) to the kilometer.

* We had to simulate the average cruising speed of any typical: road user, so we were only going at About, anywhere from 90/110 (km/h). Hey. this isn‘t the autobahn. aft-et ell.

* The gear changes were quick. the brakes bit well. it was just in general. a very smooth ride.


“ Without all that QMAX goodness, the Lancer GT became a bit of a bore to drive..”


* We prepared to head back to the Jalan Duta Tell but this time, Mr Edward Tan and his Mechanic took nut all the bolt-on QMAX products from the engine bay.

* He then, proceeded to reset the brakes by idling the car, rev-ing it at 2,000 rpm, followed by holding down the brakes for 5 seconds, repeatedly, up to 5 times.

* We refuelled on HON Q5 again for the journey book.

* The bites on the brakes were definitely not as strong as before. Furthermore, we noticed an increasing need to throttle more, in order to get the fourth gear change but as a whole, the Lancer GT became a little bit more sluggish to drive, e bit of a. bore of you ask us.

*The verdict came out in the end as we filled up RM 9 worth of RON 95 to travel back to the Duta Toll. This time, it takes about 13 cents(of fuel) to the kilometer.


We, at PRO TUNERS would like to thank Mr Edward Tan and VCLASS MOTORSPORT for letting us take this ride our for a spin.

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