Stopping Distance without Qmax Nano Energy Saver

Stopping Distance with Qmax Nano Energy Saver

Qmax On Brake System  

Car Brake Upgrades 

Car Brake Upgrades are one of the most important things you can do to get that competitive performance package, having the braking force to harness this power at speed becomes more and more important. Also you can not stress the importance it has to overall safety, for those difficult situations.

Normally performance brake upgrades would come in different stages, including up grading the brake pad materials and using larger ventilated two-piece discs (rotors), also steel braided brake lines for further braking consistency and even larger calipers with increased pistons for more raw stopping power. Effectively making the braking system more efficient, with greater ability to slow the car down as quickly as possible.

Another simpler option is to install Qmax Nano Energy Saver to the brake system to improve the brake efficiency up to33.3%  without any modification and no maintenance required.Regardless of original OEM or after market brake system. 

Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver alters the characteristics of the brake fluid thus increasing its density.with this you will get firmer brake pedal feel and better braking performance.

Bowmonk Brake Tester (Decelerometer) is certified By UKAS 

For a brand new car with brand new brake system to achieve brake efficiency around 7x% , is considered as excellent in term of overall braking system. 

Some of the users (Brake Tester) are :

*Puspakom    *BOC British Oxygen Company  *Military of Singapore  *Military of China
*Truck builders   *Bus Builders *Motorsports companies
*Car Manufacturers and service centre *Brake parts Manufacturers
*Vehicle Inspection Centre *Automotive colleges

 Why do you require a Brake Tester ?

*Government Regulation  *Vehicle Safety Inspections *Road Traffic Accident Investigation

 Countries where the Brake Check are being sold : 

*UK *Australia *New Zealand *South Africa *USA *Canada *Germany

Hypertune Magazine VOL178 / Sep’2016

” The application of Qmax nanotechnology for your car brakes consists of a simple and straightforward installation. And incredibly the benefit is truly amazing. As you can see from the diagrams here the Qmax device is placed around the brake hose and clamped in place. And there you are you’re good to go. For this Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver feature a braking efficiency test using the cutting edge Circuit link International Brake Check Series 2 – an electronic gadget that specifically measures a car’s brake efficiency, it was ascertain that a brand new car’s average brake efficiency is around 7X% efficiency.”  ….More Details

Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver feature a braking efficiency test using the cutting edge Circuit link International Brake Check Series 2

Toyota Vellfire ~ Increase Braking Efficiency Up To 12.5%..more details 

Lexus RX270 ~ Increase Braking Efficiency Up To 6% ..more details 

Honda Crossroad ~ Increase Braking Efficiency Up To 33.3% ..more details 

Toyota Wish ~ after 6months result brake efficiency  80% ..more details 

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