Without Qmax Nano Energy Saver – No Stability / Floating

With Qmax Nano Energy Saver – Improving the vehicle’s ride and stability.

On Car Absorber  

Case in point the Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver product applied onto the shock absorbers of vehicles have managed to stabilize the flow of gas within the shock itself, thereby improving the vehicle’s ride and stability.

It’s becomes less floaty and it make the handling more stable (improving the vehicle’s ride and stability.)

 Hypertune Vol 174/2016 (May 2016)

” Numerous other Nano Fuel applications would also bring enormous benefit to the long term well being of your car. Case in point the Nano Fuel product applied onto the shock absorbers of the Toyota Wellfire have managed to stabilize the flow of gas within the shock itself, thereby improving the Wellfire’s ride and stability. Others Applications for Qmax Nano Fuel includes (Can also be clamp on)
– Brake hose: with the Nano Fuel in place the overall efficiency of the braking system is improved, while also prolonging brake fluid and components life.
– Air-cond hose: again, with Nano Fuel in place the cooling efficiency is improved, the life of the gas/oil is extended, with further  pluses including reduced engine load, lesser noise & vibration.” …More Details

Qmax Nanotech Energy Saver Applied on  Car Brake System & Car Absorber * Total 13pcs was installed: 5pcs on car brake system and  8pcs on car suspension * ….more details