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4 June 2015
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Hyundai I10~ Qmax Energy Saver

Hyundai Sonata 2011 ~ Qmax Energy Saver

Hyundai Sonata 2008 ~ Qmax Energy Saver


Vehicle plays very important role in today’s world. We use vehicle to transport from one point to another point. The most important part of the vehicle is engine, as most of the vehicles are using engine to produce kinetic energy to move. The energy produced is come from combustion in the engine. To obtain energy from combustion, it starts with the source of air, fuel and electricity managements respectively. The fuel that we used are basically fossil fuel. But after the combustion, it produces also emission gas whereby incomplete combustion occurred in vehicle causes power lacking, poor fuel economy and tend to produce more unwanted gas that causes pollution and can be harmful and affecting living creatures and eco system on earth.

Although many transportation manufacturers have take the initiative to study, design and produce eco friendlier vehicles, but most of the vehicles such as cars, trucks, motorbikes, heavy machines and etc are still depend on fossil fuel to work. The solution is, use Qmax. When Qmax products is installed on engine, it can improve internal combustion, thus giving better performance, reduce/prevent carbon built-up, improve fuel economy and reduce harmful emission gas. Not only that, in long run, it can keep the engine runs at tip top condition, reduce/prevent carbon built-up, sheer driving sensation, proven prolonging battery life, electronic, alternator & engine life, extend engine oil service interval, reduce maintenance cost, better fuel economy and cleaner emission.

Why You Need Package ??

There are 3 important elements needed for internal combustion engine to operate:  * Air Management System, * Fuel Management System ,* Voltage Management System.more details